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Client v6.2


The TickStream.Activity Client is a lightweight application that runs as a background task when users log in to their computers. The client records changes in computer activity and interaction, such as opening and closing programs, typing, mouse clicks, change in window focus and many more. Metadata is captured and cached locally and then transmitted to the TickStream.Activity server where reporting and alerting functions take place.

System Requirements

The Activity client will run on the following systems with their minimum hardware specifications.

  • Microsoft Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 and later
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0/3.5
  • FIPS mode disabled

Setup Wizard

The Activity client is distributed as a .MSI installer. The installation can be configured using command line arguments. If you do not provide arguments, defaults pointing to the Intensity Analytics hosted infrastructure will be used.

The installation can also be configured by providing an .MST transform file for automated installations. To create an .MST file, you will need to use the Microsoft ORCA utility available in the Microsoft Windows SDK that is appropriate for your operating system environment (the computer you intend to run ORCA from.) You do not need to install the entire SDK, only the "Win32 Development Tools".

Windows 7 SDK download
Windows 8 SDK download
Windows 8.1 SDK download
Windows 10 SDK download

Command Line Install

The Activity client can be installed from the command line, specifying the needed settings. If installing using command prompt or powershell, you must 'run as administrator'.

msiexec /I "TickStream Activity.msi" /QN /L "TickStream Activity.wil" WSDATA=http://datatickstreamservices WSAU= WSGEN= WSCOHORT=http://cohorttickstreamservices WSBASE=http://basetickstreamservices WSCV=http://cvtickstreamservices UNITY=yourunitykeyhere

Below is an example using a .MST transform file.

msiexec /I "TickStream Activity.msi" TRANSFORMS=yourmst.mst

Installation Settings

You must provide the following settings, which are typically defined when installing TickStream Activity Server. Please be sure to properly specify https:// for webservice URLs if you are using SSL encryption.

Item Description
WSDATA Data webservice URL, i.e. http://datatickstreamservices.yourdomain.local
WSCOHORT Cohort webservice URL, i.e. http://cohorttickstreamservices.yourdomain.local
WSBASE Base webservice URL, i.e. http://basetickstreamservices.yourdomain.local
WSCV CV webservice URL, i.e. http://cvtickstreamservices.yourdomain.local
WSAU URL for a website that is typically always available, i.e.
WSGEN URL for a website in the organization that is typically always available, i.e.
UNITY Your Unity feature key.
SHOWSPLASH Show the splash screen when starting the Activity client, i.e. True or False
SHOWICON Show the tray icon when starting the Activity client, i.e. True or False

Unity Feature

With a Unity license, the Activity client can collect keystrokes for processing with TickStream.CV tools such as Explorer. The Unity license key must be applied at installation time, using the command line install method. Keystrokes are uploaded to the Activity server when application focus changes.